Debate: The Class That Taught Me How To Argue With Some Class.

As a requirement for my Leader Advancement Scholarship, I took a debate class during my first semester of college, and I can honestly say that it was arguably the best! Haha! Not only did I learn many interesting facts about the history of debate, but I also learned how to properly debate an issue at hand. I was looking forward to learning this because I know that understanding how to properly back up an opinion or idea I have will greatly help me in my future career.

For my first debate, I was partnered with my great friend Emily and we had to argue against the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in sports. Though the subject matter wasn’t the most interesting, I soon realized that we had to plan a lot before going into this. Emily and I spent a few hours in the days before our debate researching the topic, planning counterarguments to anything our opponents could possibly say, and trying to learn everything we could about the history of PEDs in sports. It was a lot of work and definitely tired me out, but we were incredibly prepared for the debate and took home the gold! Every debate we did from that day on was stellar and we became a force to reckon with at the podium.

Debate taught me the importance of being prepared in every way. You never truly know what is going to happen while doing a presentation, and you need to have your next move ready to go even when you don’t know what that move will be!  If I am not prepared to handle the unexpected, I cannot succeed. Yes, at a basic level, Debate taught me about Aristotle, the gamblers fallacy, and proper debate format. What I learned in this class applies to real life by showing that I always need to be prepared for what is ahead of me; ready in an instant to adjust to anything that life throws my way.


Similar, Yet Incredibly Different: Choir In College

Since the fourth grade I have been lucky enough to be involved in countless musicals, concerts, and performances that have molded me into the music loving nerd I am today. So, even though I am not majoring in music performance or theatre, it was very import to me that I get involved in the Concert Choir at Central Michigan University. My high school choral director suggested that I sign up for the choral program; he was a music major at CMU and learned from the same staff still teaching here. He knew that I would get a lot out of the program and really wanted me to continue with my musical education, even though it was not exactly a necessity for my degree. So, I called the music department, scheduled my audition, and the rest is history.

I am so glad I joined this program. Aside from the Leadership Institute, Concert Choir has been the best thing I have been apart of since arriving at Central. With such an inclusive environment full of kind and caring people, I knew that I had found I place I could call home. On the first day of class, there was a noticeable difference in work ethic between high schoolers and college students… and boy did I love it! It was incredible! What would’ve taken a week in high school, took a class period in college to finish a piece of music. In high school, our director would spend so much time dealing with talkative students and disrespect that we had trouble accomplishing things fast in class. Don’t get me wrong, we were one of the best choirs the school had seen in a while and we had very talented students; just no ability to focus. There were those of us who were always ready to work hard, however we were out numbered. We always great potential as a choir, and for the most part, we did an good job. However what we lacked was the motivation to focus, because most students thought that hard work took the fun out of things. My new college choral experience proved how wrong they were. You can have have SO MUCH fun while focusing and working hard! I can agree, that the speed at which we were learning the music was, at times, overwhelming. However, this hard work was paying off by the beautiful music we were creating. The music were creating was some of the most wonderful pieces I have ever heard, and due to the immense practice we were having, I was truly connecting with the music, making the experience that more touching. I was learning first hand that if everyone is willing to put in the hard work needed, the outcomes are truly magical and something that I will always want to be apart of.

To be involved in a choir as amazing as this makes me look forward to my future within the CMU Choral Program. I cannot wait to create many more memories and have experiences that allow me grow musically and as a person. During my first choral concert, I got choked up on stage because I realized that I can always be apart of something that I love in life through music. I stood up there, next to some wonderful people, creating truly beautiful music. Though I have experienced performing in a choir before, this event took it to a deeper level. The hard work that I put into this concert made it all the more meaningful and I will never forget the music we created that day on stage. I never want to lose music in my life because it has become a part of me; it is in my blood. Music will forever play a huge part of my life, and I cannot wait to see where it brings me next.


My best friend Eric, my aunt Trina, and my Mom came to see the show! They all loved it!