The Many Adventures of Logan the Character Attendant: My Disney College Program Experience – Spring Advantage 2017

IMG_6950 copy
“Hoo-ray for Hollywood!”

In the days leading up to my departure for Florida, thoughts were flooding my mind about what was going to happen during my Disney College Program.  I have dreamt of working for this company for quite some time and my mind was racing!  Now these thoughts weren’t from a place of fear, but from a place of excitement!  At that point, everything I had ever read online about this program could only be described as “unforgettable” and “life changing”.  To think that I was going to play a functioning part in a world I practically grew up in was unbelievable and I couldn’t wait another second; I was overflowing with anticipation.  I arrived with a big smile and an open heart, ready to utilize my passion for Disney to levels I had never truly imagined.  As I had experienced the ‘Disney magic’ before, I was beyond ready to give every guest that same magical experience.  What I wasn’t ready for was the extreme gratification that creating this magic would give me and the life changing memories that would shape me for years to come… and let’s not forget the sheer amount of Disney Jr. songs I never expected I would memorize!  But let’s be honest; neither is a bad thing.

IMG_2655 copy
On day one of training, the first person I got to work with was the boss man himself!

While on my Disney College Program, my role was a Character Attendant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS).  In this position, my primary duty was to work with the characters during meet and greets, providing a safe and efficient experience for both the character and the guests. Additional duties I had included preparing guests’ cameras, autograph books, setting aside miscellaneous items for guests, aiding in area and situational needs for guests, aiding my character in storytelling of the highest degree, and supplying lots and lots of stickers to every guest that came my way.  As my role was universal, I could work at any of the four parks including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and my ‘home’ park Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Though I worked and enjoyed my time at each park, I found myself spending most of my time in Studios due to my love for the character’s I could work with!  Some of my wonderful co-workers included Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, and Dale.  Others included the likes of Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Olaf, Princess Sofia, Jake the Pirate, Doc McStuffins, Handy Manny, Cruz Ramirez, Star Lord, Baby Groot, Captain Phasma, and even some fearless Stormtroopers.  These characters and their stories became my life for over half a year and I truly enjoyed every moment of it.  Also, I don’t mean to brag, but spending all that time with those characters can really create a lifelong bond; not many people can say their best friends include the likes of Donald Duck, Jake the Pirate, and Buzz Lightyear!

IMG_6506 copy
Donald Duck is #1! Don’t you ever forget that!
IMG_2979 copy
The First Lady of Disney is just as flawless as you would imagine.
I’m just over here working a 9 – 5 with my childhood heroes . . . no big deal!
IMG_3077 copy
May the force be with you!
IMG_5146 copy
Play N’ Dine shifts with these pals was always pure insanity since we were often playing tag in a busy restaurant.

Training for my role was extremely through given Disney’s high standards of character integrity.  We were trained to know everything about the characters for storytelling and safety reasons.  Even more importantly, I was a cast members on the front lines of guest interaction, so I was trained to assist with any and all guest questions and problems.  Whether College Program students realize it or not before signing up, we gain an additional job to our regularly assigned one; a representative of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and in-turn the Walt Disney Company.  The way we interacted with our guests would reflect the company, so we always had to be showcasing the exemplary service Disney parks are known for.  The Walt Disney Company is a well-oiled machine which is why almost every cast member ends up having the company values ingrained in their minds before they are even done with training.

I was able to work at a new special event at DHS called “Star Wars: Galactic Nights” where I got to spend a pretty relaxed night with Mickey!
IMG_6138 copy
Cruz only works with the best.
IMG_4862 copy
Got to be a royal guard for an evening with these wonderful ladies!
IMG_3093 copy
I’ll be honest, prior to working with Olaf I wasn’t his biggest fan. But now I’ll take all the warm hugs I can get!
Joy had spent the entirety of this day messing around with me . . . At least Sadness was there to console me!
IMG_6621 copy
Star Lord often criticized Todd and I for our dance moves. I think he was just jealous of our mad skills on the dance floor.
IMG_3274 copy
When working with Baymax, you’ll never experience a lack of fist bumps.

In training, I was taught the ‘Four Keys Basics’ to live by during my day to day operations.  These Four Keys included Safety, Efficiency, Courtesy, and Show.  As a Character Attendant, my duties completely encompassed the ‘Four Keys’ and making them present in my day to day operations was always top priority.  As an avid Disney park-goer since I was young, meeting the characters was a huge part of my experience; I knew how important meeting a character can be to visiting guests.  I brought my 100% effort with me to work every day, no matter what, so I could give a better experience than even I had to every guest I would encounter. People come to Disney World to have fun and to make magical memories with their family.  Nobody visiting wants to be in a bad mood.  Even the most frustrated individual just wanted to enjoy themselves and would rather be happy than sad.  When I was able to fix a problem, and make a guest’s day go from bad to good, it felt unstoppable.  I wore my name tag and blue shirt like a badge of honor.  I grew up admiring every cast member, so what finally being one meant to me was truly indescribable.  This job wasn’t hard, but it presented me with a daily challenge that I would gladly accept and accomplish.  I got to play, not work.  I was able, and encouraged to, have fun every moment of my work day.  Playing with the characters and the guests, I had the ability to just have fun! Even through long work days with some frustrating moments, rarely did I have a bad day because the moments I spent having fun outshined anything negative. Every day was a new joke, a funny moment, I memory made not only for the guests . . . but for me as well.  At the end of every day, I was always satisfied with my hard work.  I have always loved Disney and their characters, and playing a part in their stories was a wonderful privilege that I couldn’t have enjoyed more.

IMG_6482 copy
Out of every character experience I could’ve worked with, I spent most of my time with these four trouble makers.
Sofia was the sweetest and could always brighten my day!
IMG_4885 copy
Pluto is truly man’s best friend! Thankfully Minnie taught me how to bake his favorite kind of dog bone; Bacon flavored.
Doc always reminded me to drink my water and always checked in on me just as much as I did with her. She also refused to let me go back to Michigan.
And then . . .  There’s Captain Jake. I spent the most time with him out of everyone and he truly became one of my best friends of all time.
IMG_6449 copy
Many guests said I looked just like him and that we could be brothers. We agreed.
Saying goodbye to your brother is a hard thing to do.

It’s extremely cliché to say this, but I literally got to make magic every day of my life.  One of the greatest things about being a cast member was our ability to create magical moments for guests.  A magical moment is an opportunity cast members have to give families a special memory they will never forget.  So, I made daily attempts and create these moments for at least one family or guest, if not more.  Things I could do for a magical moment included making the character interaction extra special by learning more about a child to help create a more special memory for them when meeting the character.  Sometimes, I would get a family free Mickey Ice Cream Bars on a hot day, getting an exclusive pin for the aspiring pin collector in the family, or grabbing some FastPasses for a ride they’ve all been dying to ride are some examples of the great things I could do for those special families.  I was able to play a part in memories that were made in the parks, whether or not the guests realized it.  I cannot overstate that creating these moments were some of the most satisfying moments I have ever experienced in my entire life.  To watch the reaction of their faces as I did something special, knowing the impact it would make on their Disney vacation was an experience unlike no other.  I didn’t need any recognition for doing these things, just knowing I could leave the same impact on vacations cast members left for me and my family growing up was more than enough.  Creating these moments brought immense joy to my heart, and I would give anything to create more magic.  Though working with the characters and being a part of the magic was truly something I will never forget, there was one more thing that made me fall further in love with the company and this line of work.  It was the loving people I worked with that brought these feelings to life.

IMG_6785 copy
On my last day of work, I met a little girl who loved Toy Story with all her heart and couldn’t stop showing me her Jessie doll. She was extremely sweet and her mother was the same; they were the perfect family to make some magic for.  I went over to the nearest merchandise area and got her a Bullseye to go with her Jessie.  The look on her face was priceless and was the perfect last magical moment I could’ve created on my Disney College Program.

When I first started my program, I couldn’t help but feel like a small fish in a big sea. The overwhelming amount of people I worked with was intimidating.  My Hollywood Studios and Disney College Program family however, is what made Disney feel like a place I could call home.  When walking into work, I would see so many kind faces and smiles that I couldn’t help but smile myself.  Passion radiated off of these people; their love for Disney and the wonderful memories we were all creating kept me inspired to work even harder than I even thought was possible.  We were a team, we all brought something special to the table, and we were the hard workers that made that ‘Disney Magic’ come alive.  I laughed, cried, shared a some of the best moments, and created friendships that will last a lifetime.  Though I spent every single day of my life with these people, I guess I wasn’t expecting the profound impact they would each have on my life going forward.  A work and living environment like this is something I will never forget and one of the core reasons The Walt Disney Company is where I hope to continue my career path.  Thank you to each and every one of you that changed my life over those wonderful six months.  I could not have been luckier to have made magic with such incredible individuals.  I truly cannot wait to create more memories with you all in the future.

My fellow cast members became my family.
IMG_6947 copy
My roommates became my brothers.  Even though brothers can argue from time to time, I love the heck out of these guys.
IMG_6850 copy
The moments shared with these lovely people are ones I will never forget.
Watching the 360° Magic Kingdom fireworks at the Polynesian Beach was wonderful and I couldn’t imagine it without these three!
IMG_4397 copy
I got to experience a cast member only party at Typhoon Lagoon called “Starlit Splash” where we spent our evening eating free Mickey ice cream bars, riding water slides, and dancing till we couldn’t feel our feet.
IMG_4515 copy
“The Gang goes to Epcot”

This experience was everything I could’ve imagined and more, but there was one final variable that played into making my time even more amazing; my brother, Spencer.  Spencer and I are two years apart and shared the same room growing up, so when I left for college and he started his college program in August of 2016, it was really weird not seeing him every day.  But when I got accepted and knew I’d be living with him in DISNEY WORLD for a couple of months, it felt like a dream come true.  Not only were we getting to live our childhood dream of working in Disney World together, but we lived TWO buildings away from each other!  There were four housing complexes with over 20 buildings in each, so the fact that I was not only placed in the same complex as him, but also lived across the courtyard was truly unbelievable. Though we sometimes had conflicting work schedules and didn’t get to hang out all the time, the moments I was able to share with him are some I will never forget.  Spencer, thank you for being not only the person who really got me hooked on Disney in the first place, but for being the greatest older brother a person could ever ask for.  You are so supportive in everything I do and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.  I can’t wait to see where you go on your Disney career and I can’t wait to be by your side while you do it.

IMG_2588 copy
Spencer waited months for me to come down so we could have a first experience for both of us; The Astro Orbiter!
(From left to right) Dopey, real Dopey, and Dopey.
IMG_6604 copy
SIVAKO!!! (Na’vi language for “rise to the challenge”)
IMG_3325 copy
Got to attend my first ever Star Wars Celebration in Orlando with this new fan! Definitely one of the best experiences I had while down there.

I truly cannot express my profound love and appreciation for this experience.  My life has truly been changed and will never be the same.  I always knew I wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company in some capacity, and after spending the past six months making magic, I can assure you that my time working for the mouse is nowhere near done.  The Disney College Program gave me a wonderful glimpse into a future full of happiness and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.  Though I may be extremely sad to leave Disney, I’m ready to kick butt at school.  My next step in my path has been placed before me, and my drive to achieve my goals is bursting through the roof.  In conclusion, I bid a “see ya real soon” to all my fellow cast members, friends, characters, and Hollywood Studios.  Thank you for being a huge part of my start at this amazing company.  Here’s to many more years of keeping that wonderful Disney magic alive.

Donald and I tearing it up in Dinoland U.S.A.
Ms. Hannah Fudge is one of the most delightful people to ever exist and always knew how to put a smile on my face.
IMG_6526 copy
Factoid: Groot’s favorite candy is M&M’s.
My Disney College Program took me for a whirl!
Though Seth might be Ursula’s spirit animal, he has proven to be nothing like her.  He is one one of the most thoughtful and caring best friends I could have ever asked for. (Plus he wouldn’t try to steal my voice as he is talented enough.)
IMG_6051 copy
I can finally put “Galactic Hero” on my resume now that I maxed out the score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.
IMG_5074 copy
Get yourself friends some friends that will brace the elements in order to ride Dinosaur when you’re in the mood to time travel. (Also get a friend like Todd, who has a ‘Merica outfit ready to go any time.)
I think Rafiki showed me every single plant in this building . . . I learned so much about the great circle of life.
IMG_5660 copy
The ‘Merica outfit was finally put to good use on the 4th of July where we spent our whole day at Epcot.
IMG_6563 copy
The Trail’s End Restaurant in Fort Wilderness has one of the most delicious and filling buffets on all of Disney property! Happy to have shared this experience with some of my best buds.
Carey was the first friend I made outside of training and really helped me find a home in Disney by being so loving and down to earth.  Not to mention, Carey is one of the funniest people I have ever met in my entire life and that is not an overstatement.
Even though I was never able to get a slice of the pie she made for the seven dwarfs, getting to work with my favorite princess Snow White was unforgettable.
IMG_5155 copy
Thankfully Todd is from Michigan, because at least I can see SOMEONE from Disney when in home!  Todd is one of the funniest, genuine, and wildest guys I have ever met in my life.  Thanks for being my best bud Todd.
IMG_5089 copy
Nick has not only become one of my best friends, but someone I’ve grown close enough with that I can proudly call my brother.  We laughed, cried, and shared so many memories together that I am so thankful to have been his roommate.  He has made an impact on my life that has forever left me a changed person.
IMG_5132 copy
A Bug’s Life was my favorite movie growing up, so hanging out with my pal Flik had me internally screaming all day.
IMG_6344 copy
“I don’t need to travel the world! I have Epcot!”
IMG_5034 copy
If you ever thought you could eat a lot of food in one sitting, you’ve never met Lake Daily.
IMG_4741 copy
Want to see something incredible? Go with Mitch to Epcot and watch Illuminations with him. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
IMG_6362 copy
From right to left: Doc McStuffins, Jake the Pirate, Princess Sofia, and Pluto.
IMG_6799 copy
I received a Mousters degree from Walt Disney World.  This is definitely my greatest accomplishment in life.
IMG_6042 copy
Thanks for all the wonderful memories guys.  I love you both so much.  Always remember, “You’ve got a friend in me.”
IMG_6940 copy
“See Ya’ Real Soon!”

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