That Time a Water Park Helped Me Build Connections

In the beginning of November, I had the privilege of going on a weekend trip to Great Wolf Lodge entitled, Connections Conference. Hosted by The Leadership Institute, the conference brought together LAS members and other students leaders on campus to discuss relevant issues in our communities with an intent to create strategies around these problems in order to make a positive change or impact.

While there, we attended many seminars led by students and teachers from school that taught us different plans to help our clubs and programs grow in the best way possible; in a way that would make CMU a better place. This event was incredibly interesting because not only did I learn many new leadership tactics that I can use in the future, but I was able to network with some of the most incredible students that my school has to offer. Outside of the seminars we were attending, we were able to exchanged ideas, discuss problems we have within our organizations, and help each other make plans on how to avoid problems in the future.

You know this was a good conference by the faces everyone is making in this photo.

The event was a ton of fun, and it really didn’t hurt that we were right next door to a water park! We ran around the hotel all night and had a complete blast! We also met this night guard who was by far the sweetest and most hilarious man I have ever met. We all learned so much about ourselves and new strategies on how to handle problems we come into contact with. I was happy to be invited, and incredibly thankful for the experience it gave me. I bonded with many people (And night guards), making new connections with people that I still talk to on campus since that weekend. I am very lucky to have attended Connections Conference and I have enjoyed utilizing the skills and strategies gained since then.


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